The Area

The town

Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The first settlement on the site dates back to the Bronze Age. The Miletus Greeks called the town Apollonia Pontica. During the Antiquity the town became an important cultural centre and they called it Apollonia Magna (Great). In year 72 BC the Romans conquer Sozopl and the big town wall is destroyed. In IV century the town raises up again. It is when they called it Sozopolis – the town of salvation.

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Sozopol / Созопол     Стара къща в Созопол     Созополски лодки

The area “Budzhaka”                             

Hotel Apolonis is situated on the rocky coast of “Budzhaka” Peninsula at the very beginning of Via Pontika Street. The area of Budzhaka lies south of the town of Sozopol. The peninsula has three capes called Kolokita (good for diving; 5 to 20 meter depth), Saint Stephan, and Christ. One mile south of Cape Christ is a place called “Sulinaria”, which  is Greek for small pipe.  For centuries the Ancient Greeks who lived in Sozopol were supplied with water from a  a spring located in Sulinaria.  Between Cape Christ and Cape St.Stephan there is another place called “Kako katale”, which also has Greek origin, meaning dangerous downhill because the coastline there is very high and rocky. At the very end of this area there is a tiny bay, called The Seal Bay, where  legend has it that there lived a Monk Seal. The closest bay to hotel Apolonis is the “Paradise Bay” where a lot of local fishermen practice their trade.